To be seen

At a time when we are overwhelmed by images and videos can seem difficult. It can almost feel like an impossible task. This is where Faith comes in. You have to believe that those who need to see you, will; but, you must make sure they see the REAL YOU. Find or take images and videos that reflect your heart and your genuine desire to serve your audience. This is done best when you have done the personal work to really get to know the person behind the business.

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To be heard

At a time when facts are not truths and truths are not believed is disheartening. There are so many opportunities to be misheard, misread and misunderstood. these days it’s critical to truly understand the messages you want to put out there. Then, find the right words and vehicles to communicate it. It’s not enough to be direct. You need to directly speak to those who you want to attract. This requires you to carefully craft the words behind your business.

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“I can’t say enough about Maryrose Solis! I began branding my business with her during a very dark time in my life. I cried with her while sharing my story. She gave me assignments that were thorough, cathartic and a little scary. I’m so glad that I did it….

Fast forward ----she read my personal brand story recently and I cried again because she got it! Now, my brand colors are appearing out of nowhere with my name on it. I’m running into old friends, business associates. People are commissioning me to choreograph, sending me to networking opportunities, asking me about classes and training, etc.

I still have lots of work to do with website and email marketing but for the first time, I have a solid foundation grounded in truth, transparency, strength, resiliency, and love. When I have days that are hard, I look at my personal brand statement. I feel like a superhero when I reread it.”

Johari Mayfield, Dancer,
Creative Producer & Wellness Advocate

To be felt

A time when emotions are high and all over the place can be maddening. We feel our intentions or passions are being taken wrong. To say we want to support or serve others is not enough to provide assurances of our good intentions. We need to make sure that what we show and share, align with our guiding principles and core values. Authenticity is the alignment of our thoughts words and actions. If you want others to feel your heart in your work, then be the type of business that leaves a positive impact.

Let's get to work!

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