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We all have a desire to be seen and heard but mostly, felt with the heart.


To be seen

At a time when we are overwhelmed by images and videos can seem difficult. It can almost feel like an impossible task. This is where Faith comes in. You have to believe that those who need to see you, will; but, you must make sure they see the REAL YOU. Find or take images and videos that reflect your heart and your genuine desire to serve your audience. This is done best when you have done the personal work to really get to know the person behind the business.

To be heard

At a time when facts are not truths and truths are not believed is disheartening. There are so many opportunities to be misheard, misread and misunderstood. these days it’s critical to truly understand the messages you want to put out there. Then, find the right words and vehicles to communicate it. It’s not enough to be direct. You need to directly speak to those who you want to attract. This requires you to carefully craft the words behind your business.

Client Testimonial Pic of Johari Mayfield

“I can’t say enough about Maryrose Solis! I began branding my business with her during a very dark time in my life. I cried with her while sharing my story. She gave me assignments that were thorough, cathartic and a little scary. I’m so glad that I did it….

Fast forward ----she read my personal brand story recently and I cried again because she got it! Now, my brand colors are appearing out of nowhere with my name on it. I’m running into old friends, business associates. People are commissioning me to choreograph, sending me to networking opportunities, asking me about classes and training, etc.

I still have lots of work to do with website and email marketing but for the first time, I have a solid foundation grounded in truth, transparency, strength, resiliency, and love. When I have days that are hard, I look at my personal brand statement. I feel like a superhero when I reread it.”

Johari Mayfield, Dancer,
Creative Producer & Wellness Advocate

To be felt

A time when emotions are high and all over the place can be maddening. We feel our intentions or passions are being taken wrong. To say we want to support or serve others is not enough to provide assurances of our good intentions. We need to make sure that what we show and share, align with our guiding principles and core values. Authenticity is the alignment of our thoughts words and actions. If you want others to feel your heart in your work, then be the type of business that leaves a positive impact.


You do not have to walk this journey alone. There are those willing to guide and serve you.


I am so happy to have found Maryrose. Leading a small company I needed someone to help with social media posts and newsletters. After talking to Maryrose, we developed a plan for her to do so much more. She helped me tackle some long standing/back burner tasks like content re-design for our website help with pre-sales support documents, etc.

Keeping our budget in mind she was able to develop a monthly allocation of hours that we could utilize as needed. The best part is she managed the process, kept the process moving forward and worked with our other vendors on updates.

Maryrose has been an invaluable asset.

Rosemary Reed, CEO of Commworld San Diego North

About Us

March 4ward

Began as a personal journey of one woman who desired nothing more than to be the person she was divinely made to be. Committed and resolved in this journey, she took a year off to rediscover and redefine herself. As she became more at peace within and authentic to herself and those around her, she wanted the same for others. The rest is HERstory…


Maryrose is a brand strategist who is able to capture your brand voice and tone instantly. She is able to understand what you need, before you even know you need it. We have also collaborated on joint ventures with much success. The latest one being co-hosting LinkedIn Local San Diego. Not only was she the creative forces behind the marketing, she got us all organized so we could locate information at our fingertips making it a breeze to promote the event.

Mary Fain Brandt, CEO of The Linkedin Bakery


Today, March 4ward is a heart-centered business that helps micro influencers, emerging thought leaders and social impact businesses with brand development, business development, content strategy, creative campaign design and event development and marketing. If you are committed and resolved to be seen, heard and felt, authentically, then March 4ward.


Maryrose and I have been working together on some capacity for over 7 years and there is still no one else I trust more than her to do right by my clients and personal projects. She is an excellent partner to have.

She is my source for all things branding related but especially strategy, creativity and messaging! She has an amazing ability to take my clients stuff or mine and make everything sound and look better!

Maryrose doesn't fit in a box and shouldn't but yet she knows how to remain relevant and slightly ahead of the curve. Priceless qualities for anyone she chooses to work for or with!

Shan Thomas, CEO of Credible Visibility


Maryrose is such a wonderful person to work with. You feel as though our sitting in a couch with a warm blanket just talking to your best friend. Maryrose gives me such great advice no matter the time of day. She is so talented when creating the best advertising to help you grow your business. She created two amazing flyers for my Bartending Company that speaks volumes for my business. With little information she made it perfect. Making the decision to hire her was a no brainer.

Dottie Bailey, Founder & CEO


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